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About SCHLOT Live

How it works, and what it does for you.

The Hardware

SCHLOT Live comprises a network of sensors fitted to a haverster,  networked to the central hub for processing.  This live data is processed against the world's largest harvest data library, and delivered to the SCHLOT Live console unit in the harvester cab.

The sensors measure each part of the harvester impacting cane loss, giving you maximum control to delivery maximum profit.

The Data

The data collected from a SCHLOT Live equipped harvester is processed against the largest and most complete harvesting data library ever assembled.

Compiled from research programs spanning over 20 years and from every major growing region on the planet, this data library forms the backbone of the SCHLOT Live system.

Our data is drawn from real conditions, on real farms, in the real world.  This meas you get real results that deliver real profit.

The SCHLOT Live Console

Designing a console that gives an operator all of the information they need to make the best harvesting decisions, and sparing them from unecessary distraction, has been a central focus since day one.

At a glance an operator can confirm what their gut experience tells them, and make the decisions needed to get maximum value out of every block of cane with maximum efficiency.

Data is information, and information is Power.

SCHLOT Live generates the information operators need to stay ahead of the game, while banking data that also has incredible value for growers and millers alike.

We're constantly developing extensions to meet the needs of the market, applying our prioprietry algorithms to the supply chain at every step to minimise losses, build efficiency and recapture lost profits. 

Our mission is to be adaptive and responsive to the needs of the industry.  Please get in touch via the contact button below and share with us your thoughts on how we can shape our product to suit your needs.

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