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A bit about us.

Norris ECT is a small, highly experienced family owned agricultural engineering and consulting firm based in Brisbane. Established in 2009 in response to international demand for our services, Norris ECT are active in nearly all major sugar growing regions around the world.

In response to the challenges facing the industry both here in Australia and abroad, we have developed SCHLOT Live as the world's first cane harvesting performance console, giving operators the information they need to get more dollars out of every crop, with less hours in the cab.

Chris Norris is the Priniciple Engineer at Norris ECT, whose nearly 50 years of research and expertise in agricultural mechanisation is the foundation on which we've built our company.  Chris is a world leader in the field of cane loss research and solutions engineering.

Stuart Norris is our Project Manager.  with over 20 years engineering experience in the aerospace, mining and agriculture industries.  Stuart is responsible for bringing the power of our field data and research to the fingertips of our clients.

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